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Jacko Jokes

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Michael Jackson Jokes
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Since there's no community with Michael Jackson jokes... here you go:

Have some Michael Jackson Jokes and or humor to post? Looking for some?

This community is for:

*Jacko Jokes, original or circulated
*Funny Jacko Graphics( with permission )
*Anything else funny about Jacko

This community is NOT for:

*Whiney Jacko Fans IE.*Don't make fun of him!*
*People hating on Jacko Jokes/Jacko joke posters here.

NOW IN EFFECT: If you harass joke posters: you will be banned, being since, that is against TOS rules. Also see, http://www.livejournal.com/community/jackojokes/6568.html?mode=reply

Use LJ cut on long posts.

The Warning: Some of the content in this journal has offensive language/material. If that bother's you, stop reading now.

Other Jackson family member jokes are welcome too.

Have fun!